Lets Talk’s

326118493_1168955623799805_6781311834520880611_nWelcome to Let’s Talk, a program designed to encourage and improve our students’ English communication skills. Every week, we will have a designated speaking activity where students can practice speaking in English in a comfortable and supportive environment.

Our goal is to build confidence and fluency in speaking English, so that our students can communicate effectively in both academic and real-world situations. Whether it’s giving a presentation, participating in class discussions, or just having a casual conversation with native speakers, we believe that the skills developed through this program will be invaluable to our students.

I encourage all of our students to actively participate in Let’s Talk, and to take advantage of this opportunity to improve their English communication skills. Let’s work together to make this program a success and help our students achieve their full potential.
Learning English and Pancasila, the national philosophy of Indonesia, are closely related. The ability to communicate in English opens up opportunities for students to expand their understanding of the world and cultures beyond their own.

Additionally, Pancasila values such as “Gotong Royong” (mutual cooperation) and “Kematangan spiritual” (spiritual maturity) can be further developed through the study of English as it requires teamwork and critical thinking skills.
Furthermore, the study of English can also help to promote the value of “Kemanusiaan yang adil dan beradab” (just and civilized humanity) by facilitating communication and understanding among people from different backgrounds. By learning English, students can not only improve their language proficiency but also become well-rounded individuals who embody the values of Pancasila.
The Lets Talk program this time is led by the school principal Yenny Dwi Maria.