Student’s Code of Conduct

Chapter 1

Article 1
School Uniform

  1. Student are to wear uniforms suitable to school regulation
Nama Hari/ Jenjang Senior High Junior High Primary
 Monday  White-white with tie, white shoes and stockings/socks White-white with tie, white shoes and stockings/socks White-white with tie, white shoes and stockings/socks
 Thursday  White-grey with a tie, white shoes and stockings/socks White-dongker blue with tie, white shoes and stockings/socks White-dongker blue with tie, white shoes and stockings/socks
 Wednesday  Indonesian Batik Shirts with lower grey Indonesian Batik Shirts with lower dongker blue Indonesian Batik Shirts with lower dongker blue
 Tuesday School Sport Uniform School Sport Uniform School Sport Uniform
 Friday Scout uniform, with black shoes and stockings/socks Scout uniform, with black shoes and stockings/socks Scout uniform, with black shoes and stockings/socks
  1. Students are obliged to wear sport uniform when having morning exercises and sport exercises.
  2. Students are obliged to keep their uniforms clean and neat.
  3. Students have to wear stockings/socks with the upper edge 5 cm above the rim of the shoes.
  4. Students have to wear dark belts except for the girl students of the primary school and Junior High.
  5. Students are not to wear their shirts or blouses outside their lower uniform execept when asked by the school.
  6. Students are not to wear any sweater or jacket without any permission.
  7. Students must wear stockings/socks and shoes (not sandals or selop/not shoes for a feast)
  8. For boy students of Junior High, it is advisable to wear trousers.
  9. Girl students must wear long dresses.


Article 2
Hair Neatness

  1. For girl students have to keep their hair neat, and for those with long hair must have it neatly tied and undyed/unpainted.
  2. All boy students have to keep their hair short, and must shave their moustache and beard.
  3. The hair should not cover one’s eyebrow, ears, and should not touch the collar of the shirt , and should not unpainted.
  4. The hair should be kept clean and neat and do not imitate any queer models.


Article 3

  1. Students should be present in every Monday ceremony which is held from 07.45 up to 08.00 a.m.
  2. Students are obliged to join the morning activities every Thurday up to Friday morning, starting at 07.50.
  3. Students are obliged to join the morning sport activitias/ reading every Tuesday from 08.00 to 08.40.
  4. Students are not to leave the class during the lesson without any permission of the teaching teacher.
  5. Students cannot leave class or play truant when the class is going on.
  6. The school begins at 08.00 up to the last as scheduled.
  7. Students who can not attend the class because of very important family concerns should deliver an appeal letter from parents or those who act on behalf of the parents for permission for at the most three days of school.
  8. Students who cannot be present at school because they are sick for more than three days, should deliver a letter from the doctor, explaining that he /she is sick.
  9. Students who do not attend class without any information is regarded as playing truant
  10. A student who wants to go back home when the class is going on should have permission and as known by the teacher who is in charge, and there should also a clearance from the parents or one who acts on behalf of the parents.
  11. The presence of a student should be at least 90% Of one academic year.
  12. Students must perform the duty of pickets
  13. Students should join school activities.
  14. Students leave school at least at 16.00, except when there is activities administer by schoool.


Article 4

  1. Students practice the habit of saying prayer before and after they have learning and teaching.
  2. Students practise the habit of worshiping as according to their own faith.
  3. Students practising the habit of greeting when they encounter other school member.
  4. Students behave and act politely towards the teachers and school staff, inside and outside the school.
  5. Students respect and appreciate the religion difference and social background among students.
  6. Students keep honesty, fairness, discipline, and responsibility.
  7. Students should use words which are polite words/ languages of well-bred people and which differentiate a relation to elder people or to their peer, do not use dirty, harsh, porn, words which humiliate others.
  8. Students take the responsibilities in the implementation of 6K ( Security, Cleanliness, Order, Healthyness, Beautifulness, and Brotherhood (Keamanan, Kebersihan, Ketertiban, Kesehatan, Keindahan, dan Kekeluargaan )
  9. Students who happen to find possessiveness which belong to others, are obliged to deliver it school.


Article 5
Prohibition for Students

  1. Students are prohibited of cheating, of receiving or offering an answer in a test or exam at school.
  2. A student should not intimidate another student.
  3. Students are prohibited to fight individually or in groups at school or outside school.
  4. Students are prohibited of bringing,consuming, or distributing cigarettes, liquor, and drugs,/narcotics or any of that kind.
  5. Students are prohibited from gambling of any kind and form.
  6. Students are prohibited from bringing , keeping, and distributing reading books, vcd, and or other media contrary to the norms of their faith and moral.
  7. It is prohibited for students to behave and act on the contrary to their the norms of their faith and moral
  8. It is prohibited for students to bring along any weapon or other thing which are not related with learning and teaching activities.
  9. Students are prohibited of eating and drinking in the classroom during the lesson ( please eat and drink at the School during the break)
  10. It is prohibited for students to activate his cellulair during the lesson. (except for the need of leaning and teaching activities and with the permission of the teacher who is teaching).
  11. Girl students are prohibited to wear excssesive accessories.
  12. Boy Students are prohibited from wearing bracelets and necklace.
  13. Students are prohibited of taking others’ belonging withot permission.
  14. Students are prohibited of dating
  15. It is prohibited for students to make noise when in learning and teaching process.
  16. Students are prohibited of bringing games to school ( puppets, game boys, PSP etc.) Which are not related to learning and teaching process

Direct Sanction for Article 5:

  1. A student who is detected to cheat, receive an answer from another or give an answer to another student in a test or an examn is due to get a nul.
  2. A student who intimidates and fights will be suspended and will be delivered back to his/her parents.
  3. A student who is caught of smoking, drinking a liquor, or gambling will be suspended for three days at the longest, and when he/she does not indicate a change of attitudes, then the school will deliver him /her back to his/her parents.
  4. A student caught of using a phone/cellulair during the lesson, then the phone/cellulair will be taken from him by the school and will only be given back to his parents/ one who acts on behalf of the parents.
  5. A student caught of bringing any weapon ( sharp weapons/ fire arm) with him, will be reported directly to the authority by the school.
  6. A student caught of taking others’ belongings will be sanctioned in the form a suspenssion for at the most three days.


Article 6

  1. Students are responsible to keep their bodies, the classroom, rest room, and the school environment neat and clean.
  2. Students should throw wastes away into its place.
  3. Students should put back any eating and drinking equipment belong to the canteen on the provided place.
  4. Students are prohibited of keeping any drinking and food residu, eating and drinking equipment, or any waste in their drawers.
  5. Students are prohibited from striking the school facilities.

Direct Sanction for Article 6:

Students who broke this regulation are responsible to soon tidy up the place; if they do not do as sanctioned, then their parents will be called by the school.

Article 7
Violence and Sanctions

  1. Students who break the code of conduct will get sanctions.
  2. Stage of getting the sanctions are as follows:
  • The handling out of a case is done stage by stage fro the teacher finding the case, the charged teacher for the day, reference teacher, Counselling teacher (if there is any), the head of the scshool, with a report concerning the intended case.
  • When nnecessary, the school will send a letter to inform the parents/ the one act on behalf of the parents.
  • Form of sanction given is defined according to the level of violence quality.
  • Kinds of sanctions given to all kinds of violence of the code of conduct starts from the oral warning up to being delivered back to the parents.




  1. Comming late to school. [ 3 ]
  2. Absent from school without any permission. [ 6 ]
  3. Not coming to school with a false permission letter. [ 10 ]
  4. Going out of school environment without permission. [ 5 ]
  5. Being absent from extracurricular activities, compulsory or chosen implemented by school. [ 4 ]
  6. Absent from routine ceremony. [ 4 ]
  7. Absent from the ceremony of National Great Day. [ 10 ]

  1. Being not with school attributes or with uncomplete school attributes. [ 3 ]
  2. Mode of clothes do not fit the regulation. [ 3 ]
  3. Do not wear the school uniform as defined. [ 5 ]
  4. Wearing the shirt outside the lower uniform [ 3 ]
  5. Wearing shoes, waist-belt, stockings/socks unfit the regulation. [ 3 ]
  6. Wearing excessive accessories (girl student); wearing accessories (boy students). [ 3 ]
  7. Do not wear sport uniform during the sport subject. [ 5 ]

  1. Disturbing the process of learning-teaching of the class/or of other class. [ 5 ]
  2. Being outside the classroom or leaving the classroom when the class is in the process of learning and teaching without permission. [ 3 ]
  3. Being outside the school environment during the school hour without permission. [ 5 ]
  4. Eating and drinking in classroom when the class is in the process of learning and teaching. [ 3 ]
  5. Do not take part in the activities defined by the school. [ 4 ]
  6. Activate and use a cell phone at school during the class . [ 10 ]
  7. Cheating/being unfair during an examination or a test. [ 5 ]
  8. Do not carry otu the picket duty. [ 5 ]

  1. Messing the classroom/environment of school. [ 5 ]
  2. Making writings/striking/drawings on wall, desks, chairs, or other school facilities or school identity as well as on personal school equipment . [ 15 ]
  3. Deliberately damaging school facilities. [ 25 ]

  1. Entering/leaving the school through an inappropriate .  [ 15 ]
  2. Persuading others to do wrong doings (being provocative) [ 20-50 ]
  3. Improper/impolite speaking to others of school community  [ 5-30 ]
  4. Impolite speaking to other students. [ 5-15 ]
  5. Bringing porn pictures, readings, and video, or other objects which can annoy the convenience at school. [ 20-50 ]
  6. On purposely telling something untrue. [ 20-50 ]
  7. Falsifying a letter of permission. [ 10 ]
  8. Having permanent tattoo or temporary one. [ 10-25 ]
  9. Dating [ 10 ]

  1. Hair is not according to the code of conduct for students of the school  [ 5-15 ]
  2. Having long nails or painted nails. [ 5 ]

  1. Bringing cigarettes into school environment. [ 25 ]
  2. Smoking in school environment. [ 50 ]
  3. Being in school uniform, and smoking outside school environment. [25 ]
  4. Bringing and or drinking liquor at school. [ 75 ]
  5. Being at school environment under the influence of liquor or drugs/narcotics. [ 75 ]
  6. Bringing, distributing, or consuming narcotics/forbidden drugs. [ 75 ]
  7. Gambling in school environment. [ 50 ]
  8. Known as gambling outside school environment. [ 25 ]

  1. Stealing at school as well as at outside the school. [ 100 ]
  2. Threatening others’ safety [ 25-75 ]
  3. Obscuring belonging or money belongs to parents, teacher, friend, or school. [ 25-50 ]
  4. Bringing sharp weapon or fire arm (not for the need of school). [ 50 ]
  5. Forging signature, identity, document, and others . [ 30 ]
  6. Doing activities/actions which are defamation of school and through any media. [ 50 ]
  7. Asking belongings or money of others’ (bullying). [ 50 ]
  8. Bringing any substances/or tools which can be dangerous to others’ safety or which are inappropriate for school environment. [ 25 ]
  9. Molesting of any member of school communicty. [ 100 ]
  10. Fighting in school environment.  [ 30-50 ]
  11. Fighting individually and in groups outside the school environment . [ 100 ]

  1. Sexual harashment .  [ 75-100 ]
  2. Being pregnant or impregnate. [ 100 ]

  1. Known to have married. [ 100 ]

Others which are not registered yet in this table of scores of violation will then be handled later *)


  1. For students who has already got score of:
  • 10 (ten) will be called to get counselling from the teacher of class and councellor.
  • 20 (twenty) will be called to get counselling from the teacher of class and councellor with a letter to his/her parents/ the person who acts on behalf of the parents.
  • 25 (twenty five) will get a letter of the first warning, and the parents/ person acting on behalf of the parents called to school.
  • 50 (fifty) will get a second warning with a counselling from the class teacher and councellor with a companion of the parents/person acting on behalf of the parents
  • 75 (seventy five) will get a third (last) with a suspension of three days.
  • 100 (one hundred) will be delivered back to parents/ person acting on behalf of the parents (expelled from school).
  1. The amount of scores will be in effect for one academic year.
  2. When necessary, the school can seize the thing(s) brought to school which are of no need by the learning and teaching process.
  3. Points that have not yet listed in the score list of violence and the total scores will be later on handled and this table will be later on reviewed at the end of every academic year

*) will be completed through case conference



  1. Every student has a right to get points of appreciation both from the source of information from the teacher and from the students.
  2. The amount of point will be adjusted (Min 3 , Max 10)
  3. Every month, the point of achievement will be accumulated and the nomination will be announced.
  4. Every Three months, there will be an awards for the student who gets the highest sum of points.

Singapore, 17 August 2015

Approved by,

Drs. Agus Triyanto, M.M.Pd.
NIP. 19660822 198902 1 002