Public Relation

Community relation is a relating element in the communication with various participants and various activities of information in relations to teachers performances, the development of teaching preparations, students’ parents, government offices, and various problems related to cooperation in carrying out leadership in school.

As for the activities program of the vice headmaster of the School for community relation are as follows:

  • Enhancing the cooperation among the member of school community.
  • Enhancing the cooperation between school and the community around school so that the community feels they also have a possession and are responsible in the case of the existence of the school.
  • Enhancing the cooperation with local schools, school committe , so that they together could play the role actively concerning the progress of the school.
  • Enhancing the cooperation with the alumnus.
  • Keeping in relation harmony to the adjacent community so that the security of the school could be well kept.
  • Enhancing and develop brotherhood, nationalism and unity.
  • Alongside with the BP/BK keep a relation with higher educational institutions to enhance the horizon of the students.