SEKOLAH INDONESIA SINGAPURA(SIS), founded on May 20, 1969, is the only place to implement the Indonesian National Education in Singapore.  The implementation of SIS was based on a joint Decree between the  Foreign Minister and the Minister of Education and Culture No: – date : October 7, 1967, with the Head of Republic Indonesian Representatives as the one who is in charge to be responsible.



In 1969, started with the opening of Education Program of a Kindergarten (TK) as a beginning class


In 1970 a curriculum program was opened for level of education of Primary School( SD)


In  1971 a curicullum program was opened for level of Junior High  School (Sekolah Menengah Pertama / SMP)


In  1974, a curicullum program was opened for level of Senior High School (Sekolah  Menengah   Atas / SMA )


The Construction of Indonesian School Building in Singapore.

The continuation of the  Construction of Embassy of Republic of Indonesia in Singapore as put in PDTM of July 21, 1981, includes the construction of a school building of Indonesian School Singapore (SIS). The Construction of  the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Singapore is a part of of the evolve of the Indonesian national development, which is an operational stage of the national idealism realistically as the nationalism ideals could be realized through development efforts which is done from time to time, continuously.

The government of Singapore provided a piece of land as wide as 8,054 m2 forming a letter of  L for the need to build the SIS building. On April 27, 1987, it has been officially started the building of SIS building ,which was marked by the pegging of the first pole by the Republic Indonesian Ambassador for Singapore, Mr. Rais Abin. This happening was witnessed by the representatives of The Singaporean government,  the Staff of RI embassyin Singapore, National corporate institutions, Teachers and students of SIS and the contractor.

To help the head of Project, then the Indonesian embassy in Singapore as according to Foreign Ministry Department, has pointed out  T.G. Associate  (now named RETEP Pte. Ltd.) as Project Consultant (PC)  in the construction of this building.

This memory book of the inauguration of the SIS building was  published on July 9, 1988, The Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Singapore.


The Purpose of the Construction of S.I.S

From, By and For the Nation children

Providing a national education as a part of the National education system carried out in Indonesia for the children of the Indonesian citizens

Raising the Love to One’s Country

Providing a national education with the hope that all indonesian children of indonesian citizens in Singapore will not be put away from the bulk of nationalism, their spirits and personality as a nation: Indonesia.

An Education Container for The Nation Children

As a place for education for the children of the Indonesian Embassy staff, National corporate institutions, and private coorporation in Singapore, that their education  will get a continuation when they go back to Indonesia or vice versa.

Creation Container and Distribution of Indonesian Nation Culture

As a means to introduce, distribute, and enrich the indonesian culture in Singapore. The status of SIS is a subsidiary private school It means that SIS is managed by indonesian community in Singapore and its implementationgets a subsidy from the government. So, the SIS has the same level as the same school of the same level/kind in indonesia. The term”private” is only in term of its container of implementation, whereas the passing certificate (STTB) is the same as the STTB of a public school in Indonesia.